Professional Dead Body Cleanup Services

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Professional Dead Body Cleanup in Minneapolis, MN

Dealing with the aftermath of a death is an emotionally challenging and physically demanding task. Whether it’s a natural death, suicide, or an unfortunate accident, the process of cleaning up after a deceased individual requires specialized skills and expertise. At Biohazard Pro Services in Minneapolis, MN, we offer professional dead body cleanup services to assist families, property owners, and businesses during these difficult times. Our compassionate and highly trained team is dedicated to providing efficient and discreet cleanup solutions, ensuring that the affected area is restored to a safe and habitable condition.

How to Clean Up After a Dead Body? Leave it to the Professionals!

Cleaning up after a dead body is not a task that should be undertaken by untrained individuals. It requires careful handling, adherence to strict safety protocols, and knowledge of biohazardous materials. Our experienced team at Biohazard Pro Services has the necessary expertise, protective equipment, and industry-approved cleaning agents to handle the cleanup process thoroughly and effectively.

Our Dead Body Cleanup Services

At Biohazard Pro Services, we understand the sensitive nature of the situation and prioritize confidentiality and compassion. Our comprehensive dead body cleanup services include:

  1. Prompt Response: We provide 24/7 emergency services, ensuring that our team is available when you need us the most.
  2. Biohazard Cleanup: We specialize in the safe removal and disposal of biohazardous materials, including blood, bodily fluids, and tissues, using industry-standard protocols.
  3. Odor Removal: Our advanced techniques and deodorizing agents eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving the affected area clean and fresh.
  4. Sanitization and Disinfection: We employ professional-grade disinfectants and sanitation methods to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, reducing the risk of contamination.
  5. Restoration: Our team is equipped to restore the affected area to its pre-incident condition, ensuring that your property is safe and habitable once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if I discover a dead body?
    • The first step is to contact the appropriate authorities, such as the police or emergency services. Once they have completed their investigation, reach out to our 24/7 hotline at 507-607-5776 for professional dead body cleanup assistance.
  2. Is it safe to clean up after a dead body myself?
    • No, it is not safe to clean up after a dead body yourself. Handling biohazardous materials without proper training and protective equipment can expose you to serious health risks. It’s best to leave the cleanup to our experienced professionals.
  3. How long does the cleanup process take?
    • The duration of the cleanup process depends on various factors, such as the size of the affected area and the extent of contamination. We strive to complete the cleanup efficiently while ensuring thoroughness and adherence to safety protocols.
  4. Do you work with insurance companies?
    • Yes, we work with most insurance companies. Our team can assist you in navigating the insurance claim process and provide the necessary documentation to support your claim.
  5. Is your service confidential?
    • Absolutely. We understand the importance of privacy in such sensitive situations. Our team maintains strict confidentiality and handles each case with the utmost respect and discretion.


Biohazard Pro Services helped us immensely during a difficult time. Their team was professional, compassionate, and thorough. We are grateful for their expertise and support.” – John S.

“I highly recommend Biohazard Pro Services for anyone in need of dead body cleanup. They were prompt, and efficient, and handled everything with care. Thank you for your exceptional service.” – Sarah M.

About Biohazard Pro Services

Biohazard Pro Services is a trusted provider of biohazard and crime scene cleanup services in Minneapolis, MN. With years of experience in the industry, our team is trained to handle even the most challenging situations with compassion and professionalism. We are fully licensed, and insured, and adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations. Our commitment is to assist families, businesses, and property owners during times of distress and provide them with a clean and safe environment.

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If you require dead body cleanup services in Minneapolis, MN, don’t hesitate to reach out to Biohazard Pro Services. Our 24/7 hotline is always available to provide immediate assistance. Our compassionate team is ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and schedule a prompt response to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Call us now at 507-607-5776.