Who we are

As a cleanup or decontamination company, Biohazard Pro Services knows the importance of having trained, skilled, and certified technicians. We, therefore, ensure that our technicians get the highest level of training to help them deliver services of the highest quality. We also understand that our customers are going through a tough time in their lives, and we, therefore, offer services without giving much thought to payment. Our motto states, “Help First, Business Second.”

A few words about us

Biohazard Pro Services is a leading company when it comes to cleaning up and disinfecting surfaces with biohazards. 

Our skilled professionals clean and disinfect the areas thoroughly and leave them clean and safe to live in. We assist our grieving clients by ensuring that they have an easy time. Our specialists show concern to the affected family and explain the necessary procedure for the situation they are going through in a friendly manner.


Our Mission is to “Help First, Business Second,” offering services comes first at Biohazard Pro Services. We aim to provide the best biohazard and crime cleanup services in Minnesota. We have the well being of our clients in mind and help them depending on the situations they are facing. We are only able to achieve this because our employees support this fully and are dedicated to seeing that we deliver the best services to our clients.


Our vission is to provide biohazard cleaning with integrity, and we also follow this to the letter. We do this by providing all our clients with services that meet or exceed their expectations. We also use high tech cleaning equipment and technology. We strive to always provide our employees with a clean and safe working environment. We also support and empower them, and they, in turn, provide our clients with high-quality services.