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#1 Rated Trauma and Crime Scene Service in Charlotte

When you come face to face with the scene of an injury, blood or the scene of a violent  criminal offense in your residential or commercial property, it can be a frightening, complicated and unpleasant experience. If you find yourself in need of professional cleanup services in your home or commercial property, then you can rely on us to have your back and to deal with the circumstance professionally and sensitively.

Our highly trained uniformed teams of  quick response systems will provide the  assistance that you need, any time of the day or night. We deal with house and commercial homeowners, including dining establishments and storefronts, healthcare facilities, hotels, offices and storage facilities,  property managers and the regional cops.

We are proud to provide our first-rate cleanup services to the communities of Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding locations.

Injury and Crime Scene and Hazardous Waste  Tidy Up Services:

  • Dead Bodies, Bloodstains, and other Crime Scene  Particles.
  • A  just recently bought home that needs substantial cleanup services to be safe and habitable.
  • Dead Animals that died in the property.
  • All BioHazardous waste.
  • Property Cleanup and Sanitization.



Why Choose Our Service? 

Despite the fact that other professional businesses provide biohazard cleanup services, we guarantee peace of mind to our customers. We offer reputable services to our customers at a pocket-friendly cost. You do not need to pay until the service is complete and you are satisfied with the results. Our group of workers is completely accredited and carefully vetted to guarantee they supply the best cleanup services. If your scene is challenging, we can use support on legalities cleanup to guarantee you understand vital information about the clean-up. We are accredited, certified and guaranteed to remediate biohazard scenes safely while following all the requirements and applicable laws. As experts, we understand that some cases are sensitive and ought to be managed with compassion and discretion. We are anticipating bringing a sense of calm to those impacted whether the loss remains in a commercial residential or commercial property, home, or workplace.


Peter, Charlotte NC

The service, level of professionalism, and interaction were exceptional. The team figured out all the logistics,  hence permitting me enough time to focus on other logistics. The Biohazard Pro Charlotte was extremely expert and was able to accommodate the urgency in my circumstance. The way the techs described their services gave me hope that whatever will be fine. I  mored than happy with their services.

Charles, Charlotte NC

Biohazard Pro Charlotte worked rapidly, and the results were fantastic. After we had actually suffered a scary trauma and criminal activity in our home we simply wanted things to return to normal, and their cleaners got it all provided for us, they were actually friendly and expert.