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How We Clean Coronavirus

Following any biohazard event, the first priority is people’s safety, and the best way to guarantee people’s safety is with a biohazard response security program. At Biohazard Service Restore, we develop these programs with the help of an off-site survey, and they’re modified as needed after our decontamination team really goes into the building and begins the Coronavirus office cleaning process. Our plans are created following the standards set out by OSHA.

Off-Site Survey 

Our Coronavirus response plan begins with an off-site survey of the contaminated building, the area around the building, and also the activity inside the building leading up to the contamination episode. This will let us develop an image of how the contamination happened and where we need to focus our efforts. We also investigate the building’s perimeter to recognize potential dispersal routes for the virus.

On-Site Survey 

After we create the plan for safely entering the building and starting the Coronavirus office decontamination process, our Coronavirus cleaning team will enter the building and evaluate the viability of the first plan. As a part of this second, more in-depth survey, our team will:

Identify exposure risks

Determine the physical dangers present

Test the air

Examine the building construction

Start picture and video documentation

…and more

This second evaluation will give us the information that we will need to craft a really high quality of the line Coronavirus building decontamination strategy that will eliminate the contamination and keep it from spreading any further than it already has.

Ongoing Management  

Identification of new hazards is vital, which is why ongoing monitoring during the decontamination process can easily help in the recognition of new risks.

Decontamination Planning

Both surveys are the foundation of our custom-designed Coronavirus disinfection plans, so we take the time to do them thoroughly. Based on the type of contamination event and the building design, these surveys may be completed in anything from a few hours to a couple of weeks.

Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning

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Coronavirus Building Disinfection

Our service provides day-to-day Coronavirus office cleaning and Coronavirus office decontamination reply to the clients in the Waukesha area. We provide service to a variety of industrial and residential clients. When you call us, we send out staff to examine the situation for Coronavirus building decontamination.

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If your business has experienced a Coronavirus outbreak, give us a call. We can carry out a biohazard office cleaning and Coronavirus building cleaning which will get you up and running again in a quick, comprehensive, and professional way.

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