Coronavirus Cleaning Decontamination in Sandy Springs


How We Clean Coronavirus

During these recent times, when the Coronavirus outbreak has shaken nations throughout the world, taking preventive measures is the best way to contain the virus and stay safe. At Biohazard Services Restore, we’ve developed steps to clean and disinfect places with high traffic or areas where people with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus have visited. We aim to limit the survival of the new COVID-19 in crucial environments, including office buildings, bathrooms, common areas, and the entire building.

Off-Site Inspection

The off-site survey that forms the basis of the response plan involves researching the building and the area around it and developing a timeline of all activity in the building prior to the contamination incident. We also do a perimeter check to locate any possible problems and identify all of the ways the biohazard would have the ability to disperse.

On-Site Inspection

After we create the plan for safely going into the building and beginning the Coronavirus office decontamination procedure, our Coronavirus cleaning team will enter the building and evaluate the viability of the initial plan. As a part of this second, more in-depth survey, our team will:

  • Identify exposure risks
  • Determine the physical dangers present
  • Test the air
  • Examine the building construction
  • Start picture and video documentation
  • …and more

This second examination will give us the information that we will need to craft a really top of the line Coronavirus building decontamination strategy that will remove the contamination and prevent it from spreading any further than it already has.

Ongoing Management  

Our professional staff will continue to keep an eye on the situation for any potential hazards that may occur. We’ll also ensure that doors and windows are open wide to increase air circulation.

Decontamination Planning

The off-site and onsite surveys are a crucial part of the Coronavirus disinfection plan. Depending on the nature of this circumstance, they are completed in only a couple hours, or they may take a few weeks to finish.

Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning

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Coronavirus Building Disinfection

The Coronavirus emergency response professionals at Biohazard Service Restore are ready to respond to a Coronavirus contamination episode 24/7, anywhere in the Sandy Springs area. We will offer your nursing home, school, or other company facilities with a comprehensive Coronavirus building decontamination. We’ll examine it thoroughly, too, before we declare that the job is finished.

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If your business is dealing with a Coronavirus contamination event, call us immediately, regardless of what time of day it is. We will immediately start the Coronavirus building cleaning and biohazard office cleaning processes you need to get the problem taken care of in a thorough, professional, and efficient way.

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