Coronavirus Cleaning Decontamination in Mint Hill


How We Clean Coronavirus

During these recent times, when the Coronavirus outbreak has shaken nations across the globe, taking precautionary measures is the best way to contain the virus and stay safe. At Biohazard Service Restore, we’ve developed steps to clean and disinfect places with high traffic or areas where people with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus have visited. We aim to limit the survival of the new COVID-19 in crucial environments, including office buildings, bathrooms, common areas, and the entire building.

Off-Site Inspection

The off-site survey that forms the basis of the response strategy involves researching the construction and the area around it and developing a timeline of all action in the construction before the contamination incident. We also do a perimeter check to find any potential problems and identify all the ways the biohazard would be able to disperse.

On-Site Inspection

After we create the plan for safely entering the building and starting the Coronavirus office decontamination procedure, our Coronavirus cleaning team will enter the building and assess the viability of the initial plan. As a part of this second, more in-depth survey, our team will:

Identify exposure risks

Determine the physical dangers present

Test the air

Examine the building construction

Start picture and video documentation

…and more

This second examination will give us the information that we will need to craft a really top of the line Coronavirus building decontamination strategy that will remove the contamination and keep it from spreading any farther than it already has.

Ongoing Management  

We continuously monitor the contamination situation during the entire cleanup process. If we identify any unanticipated issues, we will make adjustments to our plan.

Decontamination Planning

Once we have recognized the danger of the Coronavirus, we will start the denomination plan. It can take a couple of hours or even a few days to produce this course of action based upon exposure to this virus. We will make sure that protocols are followed.

Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning

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Coronavirus Building Disinfection

At Biohazard Service Restore, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond immediately to a Coronavirus crisis in the Mint Hill area. We can provide Coronavirus building decontamination to your school, nursing home, or industrial facility.

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