Coronavirus Cleaning Decontamination in Conway


How We Clean Coronavirus

The best way to manage a Coronavirus contamination event is with a Coronavirus response plan. We at Biohazard Service Restore will create a thorough customized response plan for your business using an off-site survey to guide our team’s building entrance, followed by a broader on-site inspection that we will use to finalize the decontamination plan. Once we have crafted your strategy, following OSHA guidelines, we’ll begin the Coronavirus office cleaning procedure.

Off-Site Survey 

The off-site survey that forms the basis of the response strategy includes researching the building and the area around it and creating a timeline of all activity in the building prior to the contamination incident. We also do a perimeter check to locate any potential problems and identify all the ways the biohazard would be able to disperse.

On-Site Survey 

Once we have finished this first phase, we may safely enter the building and get a better idea about what’s going on. Once inside the building, we will begin the following procedures:

Identifying Coronavirus exposure risks

Deciding what physical hazards are present

Testing the quality of the atmosphere 

Examining the construction of the building

Beginning the documentation process with pictures and video

…and take extra steps as needed

This survey will give us the remainder of the information we need for a custom made Coronavirus building decontamination program which will eliminate the Coronavirus contamination and also keep it from spreading. It will allow our cleanup team to address the issue in the safest, most effective manner possible.

Ongoing Management  

We monitor the situation inside the building continuously through the process of decontamination. If any new hazards appear, we will adjust our cleanup plan to account for them.

Decontamination Planning

The off-site and onsite surveys are a crucial part of the Coronavirus disinfection program. Depending on the nature of this circumstance, they could be completed in only a few hours, or they may take a couple of weeks to finish.

Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning

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Coronavirus Building Disinfection

At Biohazard Service Restore, we offer 24/7 disaster cleanup and repair services, which includes responses to the Coronavirus. We are able to help disinfect assisted living facilities, commercial businesses, and colleges. After we are contacted, a team will take all the details about your home and requirements

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If you feel that your building has been confronted with the Coronavirus and also you do not know what to do, contact us. We are trained to decontaminate your facility and make sure all surfaces happen to be disinfected.

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