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Clean-up of sewage is a significant types of disaster cleanup includes sewage backup cleaning is something that anyone could need at any time in your home or business.  While smaller issues are possible for you to attempt yourself, you will need certified professionals if you want to get a job done quickly and efficiently. If not dealt with correctly, there is the risk of structural damage, but also diseases including E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis, and a range of infections.

What Causes a Sewer Backup?

Sewer backups can happen in several ways. They can occur as a result of a single or several blocked drains around the building or in the area, water backups in the sink or toilet, wet weather, broken pipes, and blockage from root infiltration. It could be that the issue is further down the pipes, including the local sanitary main.

To ensure excellent health and risk further damage to your home or business, investing in Sewer Backup Cleaning can help mitigate and reduce the risks caused by a sewer backup.

What To Do When Sewage Backs-up

When your drainage system experiences a backup, you might be unsure what you need to do, especially if it has never happened before. It is always tempting to try to unblock the drain. However, this is not recommended until the backed up water is removed.

Here is what to do:

● Evacuate everybody to a safe area
● Contact utility companies to switch off gas, electricity, and water
● Get in touch with a certified professional cleanup service
● Open windows to ventilate the home or office
● Rescue dry and uncontaminated items
● Add small amounts of bleach to standing water to minimize bacteria spreading
● Notify your insurance company

The Benefits of Sewage Cleanup

Sewage cleanup can help restore your home or office to how it was before the problem occurred. Our professional and certified sewage cleanup company in Minneapolis is well equipped and sufficiently prepared to cope with both small and large scale cleanup demands.

The benefits of sewage cleanup by professionals include:

● Experienced workers with the proper knowledge to solve a variety of issues
● Use of the correct tools and equipment to solve the problem
● You don’t need to get your hands dirty
● They can minimize the risk of the problem occurring again

A professional  biohazard cleanup company will understand precisely how to approach the leak and provide a variety of solutions, including identifying the location of the leak, backup, or blockage before removing the water from the area.

Certified Sewage Cleaning Professionals

Biohazard Pro Services team of certified professionals are dedicated at providing the top-quality service you need for any sewer backup and sewage breaches in your home or business. Our sewage clean-up technicians will stop the spread of bacteria, which could cause infections in the home of office, while also giving you a detailed explanation regarding the cause of the backup as well as advice on how to prevent it from happening again.

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Our professional service is your best defense against further issues caused by sewage.  Get in touch today for a consultation and quote.

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